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FACULTY (web link) CAMPUS* E-MAIL Lab Phone Office Phone RESEARCH AREA
AMBROSE, BARBARA NYBG email (718)817-8185 (718)817-8185 Plant development and genomics
BALICK, MICHAEL NYBG email (718)817-8763 (718)817-8763 Economic botany and medicinal plants.
BARRINGER, KERRY BBG email (718)623-7318 (718)623-7318 Taxonomy and conservation.
BASILE, DOMINICK (retired) LEHMAN email (718)960-8730 (718)960-8800 Plant development and production of natural products in tissue culture.
BOOM, BRIAN nybg email (718)-817-8708 (718)-817-8708 Systematic and economic botany of the West Indies
BUCK, WILLIAM R. NYBG email (718)817-8624 (718)817-8624 Systematics and floristics of mosses.
CHENG, HAI-PING LEHMAN email (718)960-7190 (718)960-7190 Plant-microbial interactions.
CHEPLICK, GREGORY CSI email (718)982-3931 (718)982-3931 Population ecology of grasses and fungal symbionts.
DALY, DOUGLAS C. NYBG email (718)817-8660 (718)817-8660 Systematics, economic botany, and biodiversity in the Amazon.
GOSS, DIXIE HUNTER email  (212)772-5383

(212)772-5383 Translational control of protein synthesis in plants.
GUNNER, MARILYN CCNY email (212)-650-6807 (212)650-5557 Plant biophysics: electron transfer reactions in photosynthesis.
HALLING, ROY E. NYBG email (718)817-8613 (718)817-8613 Systematics, biogeography and conservation of Macro-Fungi.
HENDERSON, ANDREW NYBG email (718)817-8973 (718)817-8973 Systematics, floristics, and ecology of new world palms.
HENDREY, GEORGE QUEENS email (718) 997-3325 (718) 997-3325 Effects of variable concentrations of CO2 and O3 on photosynthesis and forest growth; Design of field-centered environmental studies; Development of radiological instruments for non-invasive investigation of soils; large-scale environmental issues.
JENSEN, THOMAS(retired) LEHMAN email (718)960-8637 (718)960-8725 Plant cell ultrastructure and environmental stress.
KAROL, KENNETH  NYBG email (718) 817-8615 (718)817-8615
Molecular systematics of the Characeae; organellar genome evolution of green algae and land plants.
KELLY, LAWRENCE NYBG email (718) 817-8171 (718)817-8171 Angiosperm systematics, floristics.
KENNELLY, EDWARD LEHMAN email (718) 960-1105 (718)960-8914 Phytochemistry: medicinal plants.
KINCAID, DWIGHT LEHMAN email (718) 960-8484 (718)960-8651 Plant community ecology, urban ecology, biostatistics.
LITT, AMY NYBG email (718) 817-8161 (718)817-8161

Molecular basis of evolutionary changes in plant development and morphology.

LITTLE, DAMON NYBG email (718)817-8521 (718)817-8521 Systematics of gymnosperms; bioinformatics
MICHELANGELI, FABIAN NYBG email (718) 817-8199  (718)817-8199  Angiosperm systematics (particularly Melastomataceae); animal-plant coevolution.
MILLER, JAMES NYBG email (718) 817-8169  (718) 817-8169  Systematics of Boraginaceae, Flora of Madagascar 
MORAN, ROBBIN C. NYBG email (718)817-8663 (718)817-8663 Systematics, ecology, and geography of ferns in the New World tropics.
MORI, SCOTT A. NYBG email (718)817-8629 (718)817-8629 Taxonomy and ecology of  the Brazil nut family.
NACZI, ROBERT NYBG email 718-817-8087 718-817-8087 Systematics of Cyperaceae and Sarraceniaceae, Flora of North America.
NEE, MICHAEL NYBG email (718)817-8643 (718)817-8643 Floristics of the Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae.
PADOCH, CHRISTINE NYBG email (718)817-8975 (718)817-8975 Ecological anthropology: use of plant resources and land management in Borneo and Amazonia.
PEDRAZA, PAOLA NYBG email (718) 817-8645 (718) 817-8645 Systematics of Ericaceae. Andean flora. Floristics and diversity of paramos and cloud forests.
PETERS, CHARLES NYBG email (718)817-8727 (718) 817-8727 Ecology and management of
tropical forests.
PLUNKETT, GREGORY NYBG email (718) 817-8179 (718) 817-8179

Evolution and biogeography of tropical/Southern-Hemisphere angiosperms through field, morphological, and molecular studies, using two related families, Apiaceae and Araliaceae, as models.

#POLLE, JUERGEN BROOKLYN email (718)951-5723 (718) 951-5000  x2025 Microalgal biotechnology; regulation of photosynthesis.
#RACHLIN, JOSEPH  LEHMAN email (718)960-8239 (718)960-6958 Aquatic ecology, population dynamics, systematics and phylogenetics.
SANKARAN, RENUKA LEHMAN email 718-960-8640 718-960-8983 Molecular mechanisms underlying plant mineral nutrition and heavy metal sequestration.
STARK, RUTH  CCNY email (212)650-8916  (212)650-6051 Molecular structure of plant biopolymers.
STEVENSON, DENNIS NYBG email (718)817-8632 (718)817-8632 Systematics of Cycads.
THOMAS, W. WAYT NYBG email   (718)817-8625      (718)817-8625  Systematics of Cyperaceae and Simaroubaceae.  Flora and conservation of Atlantic coastal Brazil.      
TORKE, BENJAMIN NYBG email   (718)817-8654 (718)817-8654 Systematics and evolution of Leguminosae (bean family); floristics and species diversity in Amazonia 
TUCKER, EDWARD BARUCH email (646)660-6231 (646)660-6231 Cell-cell communication and signal transduction.


NYBG email 718-817-8941 718-817-8941

Ethnobotany and ethnomedicine

WURTZEL, ELEANORE LEHMAN email (718)960-4994 (718)960-8643 Gene regulation underlying plant chemistry in medicinal plants and  food crops; Use of bioinformatics and molecular tools to improve plant chemistry.
ZHENG, JOHN (ZHI-LIANG) LEHMAN email (718)960-5741 (718)960-6955 Plant signal transduction.


Other Biology faculty with Plant interests:

CALHOUN, DAVID CCNY email (212)650-6936, -6001  (212) 650-6934 Lignin biosynthesis, molecular biology/biochemistry 
BERKOV, AMY CCNY email (212)650-8521 (212) 650-8570 Plant/animal interactions
SHORT, TIMOTHY QUEENS email (718)997-3567 (718) 997-3414 Light and signal transduction in plants.
BIRD, JEFFREY QUEENS email (718)997-3332 (718)997-3332 Soil biogeochemistry (soil microbiology & ecosystem ecology); plant-microbial interactions

* CAMPUS: BBG (Brooklyn Botanical Garden); CCNY (City College of New York, CUNY); CSI (College of Staten Island, CUNY); NYBG (New York Botanical Garden)

# Plant Sciences is a secondary subprogram affiliation



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