Interuniversity Doctoral Consortium

How to register for a consortium class. 

Through the New York City consortium of universities, CUNY doctoral students may enroll not only in classes at the Graduate Center and at any of the many CUNY campuses, but also at other participating  universities, without incurring additional tuition expense. The process for enrolling at a consortium university is outlined below.

First find the course you want to take. There is no single list of the classes offered through the consortium, so you have to find the class you want. Below are some links to some of the consortium schools and their course offerings:

              Columbia University      


              Fordham University

1. Fill out your CUNY Registration card just as you normally would, putting the information for the consortium class on the card and file it with the Biology Program office on time when you register.

2. Get a yellow Interdoctoral Consortium Form from Joan Reid. Fill out the form with all the relevant information. (The Interdoctoral Consortium Form has phone numbers for contact information, but I got nowhere with them.) 

3. Then get the signatures. Do it in this order to save time and hassle: a) Your advisor, b) The instructor, c) CUNY registrar, d) The right person at the host institution. (see below)

4. Register for the class with the host institution. They will keep the pink copy.

5. Bring the yellow copy back downtown to the CUNY registrar so they can register you for the class. Keep the blue copy until you know you have a grade on your transcript. Give the beige card at the back to your instructor so s/he can turn in a grade for you.

6. Take the class and do well.

7. Make sure the credits get to CUNY from the host institution.



At Columbia, go to Philosophy Hall. After you walk in, take an immediate left and this brings you to the Graduate Student Lounge. In there is a person who will sign your form. Then go downstairs to register.


The person who signs your consortium form as Dean of Host School at NYU
is Erin Brienza, Assistant to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School,
6 Washington Square North (between 5th Ave and University), 2nd floor,
at the far back of building

Get the CUNY Dean's signature (7th floor of Grad Center, Student Affairs
office) first because Erin will not register you for the class until you
have that signature. This way you will only have to make one trip.

Then you can go to 7 E 12th St. to the ID Card center to get an NYU ID
with a form from Erin.

submitted by Kurt A Reynertson and Nat Bletter (CUNY/NYBG doctoral students)



last updated 12/27/2002