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Travel and Living in New York City


Phone Listings
Apartment sublets
Hotel Search
House/ Apartment Searches
Lehman College, local area housing
Housing realtor


New York Times
TDF (cheap tickets)
Transportation and Travel
Airports & Airlines, New York Area:  JFK, LaGuardia, Newark 
Airtrain: travel to JFK airport
CDC, Center for Disease Control (Immunization requirements for travel to foreign countries)
Cheap hotel and plane prices:
Currency Converter
Directions, general (Mapquest)
Directions by New York subway/bus- HOPSTOP
Directions, Europe
Arthur Avenue Markets and Restaurants  (Little Italy in the Bronx)
Fodor TravelFood (Zagat Guide)
Kelly Blue Book for Car Prices
Lehman College, Campus Map
Lehman College, Directions
Long Island Railroad
New York City Attractions
New York City Subway
New York City Official Web Site
New York City/ Metro Area Traffic
New York City Weather
Orbitz Travel
Travel, other cities
Visa and Passport Service
World Clock: present time
World Clock: Fixed Time Calculator
World Weather

updated 09/16/2008