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    Campus resource: Office of Grants and Contracts, B. Bralver, Director 718-960-8107, Shuster Hall 303

    CUNY research grants program for graduate students (in years 2-7) max. $1500. Proposal guidelines. Future competitions will be announced each Fall. 

    CUNY Fellowship opportunities

    CUNY Graduate Teaching Fellowships   Handbook 

    CUNY NSF-funded Science Now GK-12 Program-Fellows will receive a $30,000 stipend (for the period 7/1/08 to 6/30/09) and a cost of education allowance that covers tuition  and other expenses. They will join and work with a team of educators and scientists on a unique program that will bring their “real world” research experiences into the high school classroom. A second year salaried position at $10,000 will be offered at the conclusion of the GK-12 fellowship. APPLICATION

    CUNY Technology Fellowships (must full-time CUNY PhD students, US citizens or permanent residents)

    CUNY Writing Fellowships (Level II, III CUNY PhD students only): deadline March 15, 2002

    Link to EEB grants list

    Research and travel support available to CUNY adjuncts through PSC-CUNY   "The grants can be used toward research, courses, conferences, field studies and other activities that will enhance your professional development"



Field Work

    Botany in Action

    Herb Society of America

    Richard Schultes Research Award


    Recent announcements


    National Geographic Society

Miscellaneous Fellowships for US and non-US students

    Link to EEB grants list

Non-US students   

    AAUW (American Association of University Women) International Fellowships AAUW  

   postdoc fellowships for non-US scientists to work in the US:

   India Department of Biotechnology fellowships

   Fulbright Program

    OAS; see also info  (Two year support only- good for PhD or MA students!)

Predoctoral support

    Miscellaneous links    

    National Academy of Sciences, Ford Foundation fellowships and others

Searches and Email Alerts

   Search for grant opportunities on GRANTSNET

   Email Alert Services for fellowship and grant opportunities-

   Lehman Grants Office- list of alert services 

Under-represented Groups

   CUNY fellowships    

   Ford Foundation

US Students- foreign travel

   National Science Foundation International Program


   NSF Advance Program

Women-US and International (PhD and Postdocs)

   UNESCO-L'ORÉAL Women in Science Program

Writing Tips and Grant Writing Workshops

   Tips on Preparing an Application to the National Institutes of Health, by Dr. Eleanore T. Wurtzel

   Tips on Preparing an Application to the National Science Foundation, By. Dr. Eleanore T. Wurtzel

    FASEB grant writing workshop

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