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PhD Students:

Last name First name Thesis Advisor Thesis Topic
Ahmad Amna Dr. Dennis Stevenson Systematics of Hymenocallis (Amaryllidaceae)
Alvarez Aida Dr. Kenneth Cameron "Systematics and Ecology of Gomphichis Lindl. (Orchidaceae)"
Baggett Scott Dr. Ed Kennelly Cardioprotective Antioxidants From Exotic Fruits
Bletter Nat Dr. Doug Daly "Cross-cultural Medical Ethnobotany"
Campbell Lisa M. Dr. D. W. Stevenson Systematic anatomy of Xyridaceae
Chávez Flor Dr. D. W. Stevenson Morphology and Anatomy of Palm seedlings
Chung Eugene Dr. Michael Nee Mayan Ethnobotany and Systematics of Capsicum
Cortes Rocio Dr. Piero Delprete Systematics and Biogeography of Retiniphyllum, Rubiaceae
Crawley Karen Dr. Doug Daly An Ethnobotanical study of the Huichol Women of the Sierra Madre Occidental: indigenous plants of the region used for
reproductive health.
Gharbaran Rajendra Dr. Gabriel Aisemberg Lox1 and Lox7 expression in development of the central nervous system of the leech.
Imbruce Valerie Dr. Christine Padoch Ecological and societal implications of agrodiversity in urban markets.
Khan Sarah Dr. Michael Balick Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines in the treatment of Type II Diabetes mellitus
Mercdo Melania Dr. Gabriel Aisemberg Role of Lox6 in the development of the nervous system.
Nuntanakorn Paiboon Dr. Ed Kennelly Phytochemistry
Opler Annette Dr. Dwight Kincaid Mistletoe ecology
Ososki Andreana  Dr. Michael Balick Medicinal plants and women's health care in the Dominican Republic.
Orozco Olga Dr. David Lentz Survey of poisonous plants and their uses in Cajamarca (Peru)
Ma Jun Dr. Ed Kennelly Phytochemistry
Morgan-Porter Holly Dr. Andrew Henderson Palm Pollination and Reproductive Biology
Neill Amanda Dr. Michael Nee A systematic study of the neotropical genus Gurania (Cucurbitaceae)
Parkinson Ainsley Dr. Ed Kennelly Phytochemistry
Reynertson Kurt Dr. Ed Kennelly Antioxidant polyphenols from fruits of the Myrtle family.
Tipton-Allaband  Camille Dr. Michael J. Balick Analyzing patterns of change in Huaorani medicinal plant use.
Tolon Ebru    
Zhang Xuesong Dr. Haiping Cheng Plant-microbial interactions